Health + Happiness Around the World ~ Day 2 Inspiration

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Inspire Health + Happiness, A 31 Day Challenge

Welcome to Day 2!
Goal: Send 2 Goodwill Wishes

Our challenge is based on Loving Kindness Meditation.  We are taking a simplified approach.  Offer your thoughts of Health + Happiness on the run, standing in line, sitting at your desk, during meditation, as a prayer, etc.  Do what works for you!

Check out this great conversation between Dan Harris and Sharon Salzberg providing a better understanding of our challenge and practicing Loving Kindness.  Learn about the scientific and experience based benefits.  They even state, “It can make you healthier and happier.”  It’s less than 7 minutes and well worth it!

Did you join The Challenge late?  No worries.  All Daily Inspirations are available here. 

Got Questions or suggestions to help others?  Contact me or type a Comment below!!!  Let’s Inspire Health + Happiness Around the World this December.

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Meg Poe

Meg Poe is The Coaching Yogi, founder and owner of Poe Wellness Solutions, Integrative Health Coach and teacher of movement and mindfulness. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, is a Duke University certified Integrative Health Coach and a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Meg partners with individuals and groups as they wake up to their mind, body, life, health and happiness. Partnering with people to live their optimal health and happiness is my passion. Let’s do this! Check out the 1:1 Coaching page and schedule a free 30-minute informational call today.

6 thoughts on “Health + Happiness Around the World ~ Day 2 Inspiration”

  1. So love this video. I bought the book after watching the video and it’s life changing! Thank you for introducing it to me, Meg Poe!

  2. One of the things that struck me when I read this yesterday is that, in addition to incorporating Mindfulness principles, this practice also seems to incorporate Pray without Ceasing. And when you meld the two, it defines the prayer to incorporate others. So this morning, as I was driving back through town from dropping Xavier off at the frame shop, I started saying as I saw pedestrians crossing the street “May you safely reach the other side.” And when I did that, I felt myself somehow connecting with that person, and being somehow vested in their safety.

    It seems if you bring Pray Without Ceasing, something I’ve been trying to do for years (not all that successfully!) to Mindfulness of others, an awareness of and being vested in others’ welfare would become a part of every breathing moment. An interesting thought.

    1. Mary,
      Thank you for sharing your story.

      Prayer Without Ceasing + Mindfulness of others = Awareness of and being vested in others’ welfare with every breath

      Sounds like a recipe to change the world.

      May we all safely reach the other side,

    1. Hi Donella,
      YAY! Thank you for the note and happy you enjoyed. I think it’s the best. Makes it all simple. And yes, “Think of the big picture.”

      May your day be filled with joy!

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