Health + Happiness for Parkinson's

Poe Wellness Solutions is a six-time Parkinson’s Foundation Community Grant Recipient ~ 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.

Poe Wellness Solutions began partnering with the Parkinson's community in 2015.  We began as a small (4-6 student) Pilates class in a Durham NC.  Students registered and paid in advance for six sessions at a time.  Meg recruited the first students by visiting local support groups ~ explained the concept, provided a short class and answered questions.

I'll never forget the first session.  A care partner asked,  "What makes you an expert on Pilates for Parkinson's?"  I shared my education, training and years of  experience with healthy and not so healthy populations.  I was honest and offered to bring my expertise in movement, attention and change.  I requested that they bring their expertise in Parkinson's.  We agreed that as we worked together, listened to our bodies and shared our experiences, together we would create and all become experts on Pilates for Parkinson's. ~ Meg 

As we begin 2020, Poe Wellness Solutions continues to support the Parkinson's Community both locally and nationally through movement, mindfulness and health coaching.  Pilates for PD is in its third season of grant funding through the Parkinson's Foundation (2017/18, 2018/19 & 2019/20).  Health Coaching for Women with PD received a Parkinson's Foundation Community Grant for the 2018/19 season.

Thank you for being here and reviewing the Parkinson's area of the website.  In the past few years, I have learned a great deal about Parkinson's both by attending a multitude of educational opportunities and through the experience of partnering with individuals with PD.  I've learned about people, support (offering and receiving) and the value of community.  From this page you can learn about the programs offered by Poe Wellness Solutions and the grants received from the Parkinson's Foundation.  If you have questions, ideas, comments ~ please contact me.  ~ Meg


The Parkinson’s Movement Initiative

Three-time recipient and currently funded through a Parkinson's Foundation Community Grant ~ 2020/21, 2019/20, 2018/29, 2017/18.

The Parkinson’s Movement Initiative (PMI), a program founded in 2017 by American Dance Festival (ADF), NC Dance for Parkinson’s and Poe Wellness Solutions, provides regular movement opportunities serving the Triangle PD community.  PMI began as an extension of NC Dance for Parkinson’s and Poe Wellness Solutions’ Pilates for Parkinson’s, and has since formed a fruitful collaboration that continues to serve the PD community and their caregivers in the program’s third year.  With support from the Parkinson’s Foundation, all programming offered through the PMI is free to individuals living with PD and their care partners.

Poe Wellness Solutions partners with people with Parkinson's PD

POE Women for PD

Received Parkinson's Foundation Community Grant 2018/19.

POE Women for PD provided 3-6 months of Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching (IHWC) to women with Parkinson’s Disease.  IHWC brings value to the client’s treatment plan through one-on-one support, inquiry and accountability outside of the clinic, day-to-day, where living occurs.  The client received a partner in learning to become the expert of her life, health and choices.  Poe Wellness Solutions partnered with the client to define optimal health and generate empowerment for success.

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