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Meg Poe, the Coaching Yogi, Integrative Health Coach and course leader

Meet your Health + Happiness Coach

I'm Meg Poe, the Coaching Yogi. My passion for Health + Happiness comes from years of yoga practice and health coaching experience. I’m motivated by the “stickiness” that comes with finding the bigger picture, passion and purpose in life. You can read more about my personal journey here.

Everywhere I look there are opportunities to add value, to make magic and to partner with amazing people. I created Poe Wellness Solutions to form valuable Partnerships with my clients, Optimize their pursuits for self-discovery, and Empower their goals for Health + Happiness.

If you have never thought about your optimal vision of health, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it now!

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During every Health coaching session I had an aha moment. I believe that Meg has a special gift of asking questions that made me think more clearly and deeply than I ever had before.

Partnering with Meg empowered me to take more control over my mental and physical and emotional health.

Meg made me see the strength and value in my body. I’m now more confident and fearless than I have been in many many years.

I’ve accomplished things that I never thought were possible and I’ve done it at my heaviest weight. (5k at 305lbs)

Meg helped me get honest with myself about where I was and how I felt. This self-awareness was the biggest catalyst for change.

One of the most powerful tools of the health coaching session was the guided imagery it gave me a very clear vision of what I want my health and happiness future to look like.

As time progressed my negative inner critic was quieted and ultimately replaced with a stronger positive voice.

The process works. It takes commitment. It was worth the hard work but it took Meg to convince me.

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