6 Powerful Questions: Is This The Best Goal For You?

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Whether you are experiencing New Year’s resolution pressure or seriously excited for a fresh start, ask yourself these 6 questions and determine if you are creating the best goal for you.

What Is Your Goal?

Goals are tricky.  There are multiple theories on how to write a goal.  If you want to learn more about goal writing, check this out ~ Is Success As Simple As Creating The Right Goal?   Let’s assume that you are not yet into the specific details of your goal but are more focused on an area for change (i.e. I want to … be more active … read a book … start a blog … make new friends … be still … inspire health + happiness around the world, etc.)

Write your goal/idea/area for change:



Consider These 6 Questions

I recommend jotting your thoughts about each question.  While each individual question is important, the combination of all responses may be a game changer in determining the best goal for you.

Importance ~ On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = not at all, 10 = crazy huge), how important it is to you to make change in the area?  How many times have you attempted to make change/set a goal and within a few weeks completely forgotten you set the goal?  Life is busy and filled with distractions.  To succeed with change, recommended importance is 7 or 8.  If the importance is not a minimum of 7, why not?  What would it take to get it there?  Maybe it is not your goal but what someone else thinks is best.

Confidence ~ On the same scale, how confident are you that successful change is within reach?  If your confidence is less than 7, this is not a reason to abandon your idea for change. It is very important to explore how you can increase your confidence.  Could you consult an expert?  Read a book?  Is there an app for that?  If increasing your confidence seems out of reach, maybe it’s best to save this change for another time.

Goal Setting

Ripple Effect ~ How will successful change in this area impact other areas in your life? We’ve already mentioned that change is challenging.  Often we lose sight of a goal because we set too many and cannot stay focused.  If you are debating between several areas to make change, determine how one area or goal may impact other areas.  If one goal has a greater ripple effect, that may be a great starting place.

Goal Setting

Obstacles ~ Without making a single step in the direction of change, what obstacles do you anticipate? If the obstacles are stacking up against you, maybe this is not the best goal.  Are they really obstacles or simply automatic resistance to change?  Look a little deeper.  If the obstacle truly exists, can you proactively create work arounds?  Maybe with a little planning, obstacles can be overcome and this is a keeper.

Support ~ How strong is your support network for making this change? Having a support network does not guarantee change but with no support, change is extra challenging.  Spending time with people that are either experiencing similar change or that already practice the behavior you hope to create reinforces your desired change.Future You

Future ~ Return to the scale of 0-10, take a moment and imagine “future you” having successfully made this change.  How much joy/happiness radiates from future you?  If you bubble over with good feelings when you see future you being more active … reading a book … writing a blog … enjoying new friends … inspiring health + happiness around the world, etc., it’s a very good sign that this is the right goal for you!

Summing It Up

Goals are great to have.  They keep us awake in our lives.  Goals are personal.  They can be big, bold and active.  They can be still.  Maybe your goal is to wait, to observe life.  Success in reaching a goal involves planning and a strong foundation.  Before you create your goal,  consider areas in your life that you would like to make change as well as why this change matters to you.  Once the background work is complete, consider these six powerful questions and set yourself up for success ~ importance, confidence, ripple effect, obstacles, support and future you.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.  I will get back to you ASAP.  Others may benefit from what you share.

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      #3 is a good one. It is like automagic multi-tasking. You focus your efforts in one area and without even trying your efforts sneak into other aspects of your life.

      Always happy to offer helpful reminders to Trial & Eater. Thanks for the great recipes!

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