Attended ~ Women and Parkinson’s Teams to Advance Learning and Knowledge (TALK)

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When:  Friday, 12 January 2018, 9:30-4:00PM

Where:  Davis Conference Center in RTP/Durham, NC

I am honored to be invited to this day of education and sharing.  I look forward to continuing to develop my knowledge and awareness of Parkinson’s and to share my experiences working with women with PD.


Women and Parkinson’s Teams to Advance Learning and Knowledge (TALK)

Women and PD TALK  is the first national effort to address long standing disparities in Parkinson’s research and care. You will soon be joining the second of ten total Women and PD TALK regional forums to be held across the country. We appreciate your willingness to commit your day to this initiative, and we are excited to hear more about your experience. While the first half of the day will focus on educational information around risk, symptoms, treatment and care of women with Parkinson’s, this program is primarily meant to be setting for the Parkinson’s Foundation to gather data from stakeholders like you about the experiences of women with Parkinson’s in order to create best practices for, and increased research around, women with Parkinson’s. Therefore, as we mentioned, during the second half of the day our attendees will be broken into 4 separate discussion-based groups.

Learn more here ~ PD Talk.

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