Health + Happiness In The Kitchen: Weekly Recipe Adventures

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Would healthier eating and cooking at home improve your Health + Happiness?  It is a constant struggle for me.  Check us out each week for our at home cooking adventures.  Recipes are rated on Yumminess, Healthiness, Complexity, Prep Time, Overall and anything else that makes sense.  

This Week’s Recipe – Red Lentil Chili

Forks Over Knives provides this week’s recipe ~ Red Lentil Chili.

Of course I want every recipe to be yummy and healthy but if I am honest,  some nights the most important thing to me is E-A-S-Y!  Two years ago, I purchased my first slow cooker.  How did I live without it?!?!  This recipe was seriously easy to make and good to eat.  Throw everything in, turn it on, enjoy the amazing smells throughout the house and several hours later … dinner!  Check out the video on the recipe page.  It shows real-time how simple this.  You gotta make it to know how good it is.

The “Yikes”

Not a single Yikes.

The “Yays”

Simple and quick to make.  Easy to follow.  Easy to clean up.  I stuck to the recipe but you could do lots of substitutions based on what is in your fridge or pantry.  Made it during a snow and ice storm and we were able to do a variety of things with it ~ over a potato and with a salad for dinner, simply in a bowl for lunch and as a dip for snacking.

Lessons Learned

No lessons learned but I look forward to teaching my neighbors a lesson when we have that chili cook off they keep talking about.  This could be a winner even for the meat eaters!

Summing It Up

Easy! Easy! Easy! And incredibly yummy!

Do you have a recipe to recommend or a story to share?  Send it my way.  I am excited to try to new things and share here each week(ish).

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