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Curious about partnering with a Health Coach but prefer a smaller commitment? Ideal if your interest is defining and setting goals. We explore what’s important to you, determine your starting place and identify your optimal Health + Happiness destination. We establish your focus, create 3-6 month goals, set and prioritize actions. This package includes one Support Visit to discuss your initial progress and sets you on a clear path for moving forward.

4 visits, 2-3 months, $400

There are many theories for behavior and lifestyle change. What do they all have in common?  Time!  The Change Maker includes the the Goal Setter plan plus an additional five visits (approximately three months).  Changing habits and routines takes practice.  You will hit bumps in the road, learn lessons, change your course, and celebrate successes.  You create new patterns but the old do not suddenly disappear.  It takes time to create new routines, stronger than the old.  With additional support, you receive help through the ups and downs, and yes, you learn from it all!

8 visits, 4-5 months, $720

]What happens when you are no longer making change? You are maintaining change.  The Health + Happiness Maintainer includes the other packages with two additional months of support.  Not only are you maintaining new behaviors but you have tip-toed into new areas.  Once you taste success in one area of health you may become addicted.  Health Coaching involves the whole person, all aspects of health.  With additional visits you maintain new lifestyle change and circle around to additional health behaviors.  CAUTION:  You may keep wanting more!

12 visits, 6-7 months, $1,020

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